Boris Johnson fuming as millions of booster jab appointments wasted – ‘Absolutely crazy’ | UK | News

Speaking to a press conference in Downing Street on Tuesday, Mr Johnson said there were still 9 million people who had not had their callback jab. He said, “How absolutely crazy. Absolutely crazy that there are two million slots this week for people to get vaccinated and yet the majority of people in intensive care for COVID are not vaccinated.

“The overwhelming majority of people in intensive care have not been reinforced.

“It’s sad but it’s also a huge opportunity for us to try to fix it.”

Discussion over booster injections was launched after the UK yesterday reported 218,724 COVID-19 cases, the highest number of cases reported to date.

Mr Johnson further said that up to 90% of people in intensive care with COVID-19 had not received a booster and more than 60% of people in intensive care with COVID-19 had not received any vaccine.

He said: “People are dying needlessly because they haven’t had a vaccine and they haven’t had this booster.

“If you haven’t already, get this booster.

“The freedoms that we are able to maintain in the teeth of this Omicron wave have been made possible by the number of people boosted.

“This is the best way to contain this virus, to help our NHS and to keep our country open – so please get a boost now.”

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Mr Johnson has ruled out a lockdown because he said the country could “get out” of Omicron without further restrictions.

The PM said he would recommend to cabinet today that England pursue Plan B and said it was unlikely to be necessary to go any further.

He said: “I would say we have a good chance of getting through the Omicron wave without needing any additional restrictions and without needing, certainly, a lockdown.”

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