Biden to tout successful passing of infrastructure law after voting rights defeat – live | US news

Even when Democrats filed their caucus meeting with Biden on changing Senate rules to reform federal elections, a response to GOP-backed state laws designed to restrict ballot access, a good chunk of them they did not know that they had already lost. Minutes before the group’s meeting with Biden, [Kyrsten Sinema] slammed the door on weakening the filibuster during a Senate speech that Biden once called home.

“People were just surprised when we walked in there. Because no one knew she was on the floor talking’ in defense of the filibuster, said a Democratic senator who missed Sinema’s remarks. “There were probably 20 people in there who didn’t even know she said anything.”

Biden had prepared remarks for the meeting, but instead chose to speak off the cuff, recalling he was late sen. Strom Thurmond (RS.C.) for supporting the Voting Rights Act when they were both in Congress and arguing that a majority today Republicans today would not be supporting this historic bill. Biden told senators he couldn’t remember a time in US history when a party had been as captivated by one person as the GOP is by the former president. donald trump.


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