Because of the party on the eve of her husband’s funeral, Johnson’s office apologizes to the Queen of England

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s office apologized to Queen Elizabeth today, after it emerged his staff held a late-night party in Downing Street on the eve of Prince Philip’s funeral, on Queen’s husband, when indoor gatherings were banned..

Johnson is currently facing the most critical crisis during his presidency of the Cabinet, after a series of gatherings were revealed in Downing Street during the period of general closure and ban imposed to limit the spread of the Corona virus, at a time when it might have been impossible for the ordinary citizen to say goodbye to a dying loved one.

As Britain’s Queen watched, sad and alone, at her husband’s burial ceremony, Johnson’s team attended a party at their headquarters in Downing Street, at a time when the gathering of members of different families inside closed places was prohibited..

After Johnson won a landslide election victory in 2019, he came out last Wednesday to apologize after a party at his official residence during Britain’s first Corona lockdown, and admitted he was present at the ceremony..

And ‘The Telegraph’ newspaper said two other parties were also held inside Downing Street on April 16, 2021, when there were restrictions on social gatherings, whether in closed venues or open.

She added that Johnson was at her country’s headquarters in Checkers that day.

The next day, Queen Elizabeth said goodbye to her husband Philip, who died at the age of 99..

Dressed in black and with a sad face, the 95-year-old stood alone and bowed as the body of her 73-year-old companion was lowered into the Royal Hall of St George’s Chapel.

Downing Street was very different. The Telegraph said Johnson’s team used a laptop to play music and a swing used by Johnson’s young son broke down..

Johnson’s opponents have demanded his resignation, casting him in the image of a two-faced man asking the people to abide by some of the most painful peacetime rules while his team frolics..

A few, but growing, members of Johnson’s Conservative Party have joined in these demands, fearing that such events could hurt the party’s electoral prospects..

As for Johnson himself, 57, he gave several accounts of those parties, ranging from refusing to break the rules to understanding anger.

“Real mistakes were made,” said Secretary of State Liz Truss, seen as a potential successor to Johnson.

To launch a race for the leadership of the Conservative Party and then for the post of Prime Minister, 54 of the party’s 360 MPs must write letters of no confidence in the Prime Minister to the chairman of the relevant party committee..


One of the celebrations held in Downing Street in April 2021 was to honor James Slack, the former communications director, who today said he wanted to ‘apologize unreservedly for the outrage and abuse caused’ .

Slack, who is now deputy editor of The Sun, said in a statement that the rally “shouldn’t have happened when it happened.”

And when a Downing Street spokesperson was asked about news of the parties being held the day before Prince Philip’s funeral, he said Slack “gave a farewell speech to his colleagues in which he thanked each of them. them for their support whether they are in the office at work or through the screen for those working from home.” “.

British police said yesterday they would not open an investigation into the holding of rallies at Johnson’s residence during the Corona lockdown period unless an internal government inquiry finds evidence of possible acts criminals..

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