Australian immigration: Djokovic submits additional documents to stay in Australia

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Australian immigration authorities said on Wednesday that tennis star Novak Djokovic had provided extensive information regarding the country’s entry visa to stay in Australia.

Australia’s immigration minister’s office said Novak Djokovic’s defense team, ranked number one in the world, had provided extensive information regarding his visa to enter the country, which will affect the timeframe for the final decision of the Minister to maintain or cancel his entry visa.

Djokovic trained in Melbourne for the first time after decision to release him

“Mr. Djokovic’s lawyers have recently submitted numerous information and documents which they believe relate to the possibility of canceling Mr. Djokovic’s visa,” said a spokesperson for the Minister of Immigration.

“It is normal that this affects the timeframe of the decision,” he added.

The Serbian star had previously been cleared from a detention hotel in Melbourne, Australia, after a judge said the decision to cancel his visa was unwarranted.

Djokovic was held there for 4 nights, in an argument over whether he had been exempted from the rule requiring non-residents to obtain the new vaccine against the “Corona” virus, in order to enter Australia.

Djokovic’s lawyers have confirmed that their client contracted the Corona virus last month, which means he can enter the country legally.

The Serbian star told border officials he had not been vaccinated and had contracted COVID-19 twice, according to a transcript of an interview leaked in court.

Djokovic has not publicly disclosed his vaccination status, but has previously said he does not want to have to receive a dose of the vaccine to travel or play.

The detention of Novak Djokovic in a Melbourne hotel has caused unrest between Australia and Serbia.


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