Australia Day celebrations January 26, 2022 | Canberra weather

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On Australia Day we celebrate all the things we love about Australia: the land, the sense of the rules, the lifestyle, democracy, the freedoms we enjoy, and especially our people. The date of January 26 is controversial as this date recognizes the European discovery and subsequent colonization of the country, but the holiday is increasingly inclusive for indigenous peoples. Australia Day aims to recognize and celebrate all those who have contributed to our great country with its diverse cultures and to entertain the crowds in a family way. The National Australia Day Council (NADC) is a public not-for-profit company based in Canberra. Along with NADC, the Australia Day National Network, an affiliate group of state and territory organizations, helps facilitate the celebration of Australian Day and being Australian and rewards inspiring Australians through the Australian of the Year Awards. Its strategic focus areas are: Australia Day events range from sports, beach and music days to barbecues, fireworks and citizenship ceremonies. Many are organized by boards, such as tall ships and ferries that fight on the water, sporting events and native smoking ceremonies. Many new Australians from all parts of the world will become proud citizens at citizenship ceremonies held across the country on January 26. “The nominees are an amazing group of people,” said Karlie Brand, CEO of the National Australia Day Council. “Science technology, advocacy for vulnerable people, grassroots programs that have achieved national status and lives spent giving and helping others – these are all to be admired and celebrated. Australia Day Ambassadors are high performing and proud Australians who attend local Australia Day celebrations across the country. They donate their time and energy to inspire pride and celebration in local communities. Ambassadors include community members, athletes, scientists, businessmen, arts workers and past recipients of the Australian of the Year Awards. These include Senior Australian of the Year, Young Australian of the Year, Australian of the Year and Australia’s Local Hero, announced by several nominees on the eve of the Day. from Australia. Even schools are dissecting what Australia Day really is. Educational resources have been created to link Australian of the Year Awards and Australia Day activities in an engaging and easy-to-use format. The resources target three broad age levels and discuss what makes an Australian Candidate of the Year, what Australia Day celebrations tell us about our perception of ourselves as Australians and of what Australians of the Year say about a changing and diverse Australia. Australia Day is about recognizing and celebrating the contribution of every Australian to our modern and vibrant nation. See for events near you.


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