Atlanta’s Stefani Robinson Discusses the Season 3 Finale

After 10 episodes of “Atlanta”, the third season of the black comedy has come to an end. The third season concluded with a Van-centric episode, titled “Tarrare,” on May 19, which finally brought viewers up to speed on what Zazie Beetz’s character has been up to in her European misadventures without Earn (Donald Glover). , Paper Boy (Brian Tyree Henry). and Darius (LaKeith Stanfield).

“I feel like the fun of a show like ‘Atlanta’ is that you get to fill in what it means to you.”

Unlike past seasons, the third season of “Atlanta” took an anthology approach to its 10-episode order, including four diversion episodes without its main cast that explore race in America. According to executive producer and writer Stefani Robinson, the charm of “Atlanta” lies in enjoying the unknown and the show’s ambiguous way of presenting sophisticated points about black culture.

“I feel like the fun of a show like ‘Atlanta’ is that you get to fill in what it means to you,” he tells POPSUGAR. Robinson also shares that moving away from the show’s familiar format in season three was not an intentional decision by design, but rather a natural progression of the show’s creative process. “I feel like our mandate from Donald has always been, ‘How can we be as creative as possible?’ He has been very good at encouraging us and encouraging the show to not be beholden to the typical structure of a TV show.”

With three seasons under its belt, “Atlanta” has proven that it is in a league of its own, successfully carving out its own niche in the comedy television world. As confusing as this season has been, the Emmy-winning series offers a culturally sound message that isn’t as complicated as you might think. The final episode of season three is a departure from episode nine, but features so many surprising twists due to Van’s story that it may or may not set up the final season of “Atlanta.”

The season three finale left us with a lot of questions about what happens next. But Robinson answers some of our biggest questions, so he reads on for more on “Atlanta” season three, its final episode, and what’s to come in the show’s fourth and final season.

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