Asteroid bigger than the Burj Khalifa to fly over UAE next week

An asteroid longer than Burj Khalifa will make its closest approach to Earth next week as it hovers over the United Arab Emirates at 76,192 km / h.

Fortunately, the asteroid – known as (7482) 1994 PC1 in asteroid observation circles – will pass approximately 1.9 million km from Earth on January 18. Phew.

But according to the European Space Agency, you will be able to see the asteroid zooming in on the United Arab Emirates using a telescope. And see for yourself how it compares to the Burj Khalifa.

NASA has been tracking this asteroid since it was first spotted in 1994.

Which means you have more time to watch the new Netflix movie Do not seek now starring Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio.

The film follows several scientists who discover that a planet-killer asteroid is coming to our planet. But the answer is a very disturbing “meh”.

You may soon be leaving the United Arab Emirates

the United Arab Emirates could become a spaceport for tourists thanks to a likely tie-up with Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin spaceflights.

The Blue Origin team sent eight people into space, including Star Trek’s William Shatner. And they said the UAE was the “obvious choice” for a spaceport.

To infinity and beyond!

The news was announced by The National who spoke with Brent Sherwood, senior vice president of advanced development programs for Blue Origin.

Sherwood said it is looking to expand its launch sites from the current one in El Paso, Texas.

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