Arrests made after nurse caught giving fake vaccines in Ancona

A nurse in Ancona, Italy was jailed after a police investigation found she was giving fake COVID-19 vaccines and certification at a vaccination center to those who did not want to be vaccinated, according to images published on January 10. Police said the footage, which is part of an investigation that began in December last year, shows the nurse faking the inoculation of the vaccine serum, dispersing it in a trash can. Local media reported the arrests of four accomplices on January 11, including a lawyer, a building contractor and a restaurateur. Dozens of people who have improperly purchased “Green Pass” vaccination certificates are wanted for “corruption, embezzlement and false ideology,” local media said. Police said they seized 18,000 euros ($ 24,479) during the operation. Credit: Polizia di Stato via Storyful


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