Are Shaeeda and Bilal still together? Discover

Credit: TLC-Lauren Pusateri

In season 9 of 90 day fianceThe relationship of Shaeeda Sween Y Bilal Hazzez It has been a question mark.

At first, Bilal lied to Shaeeda about his living situation, pretending to live in a more modest house. He described the lie as a ‘joke’, although it seemed more like a test to discover Shaeeda’s true intentions.

Another setback involved an annoying prenuptial agreement. Although Bilal broached the subject, Shaeeda eventually asked for her own stipulations: 1) They have children within two years and 2) The profits from her company remain in Shaeeda’s possession. After many bouts of discord, fans have wondered if the pair really made it through.

According to multiple sources, Bilal and Shaeeda are now married. The certificate was found through the county clerk, and a photograph of the couple also surfaced in May. In addition, they were seen hanging out by a pool, as reported by Showbiz Cheat Sheet.

A different source, who spoke with starcasmstated that the couple was together for 90 day fianceThe episode “Tell It All”. The source shared that each of the season 9 couples were still in their relationships.

Shaeeda and Bilal’s social media profiles also suggest that they are together. In late May, Bilal shared a video of himself with Shaeeda. Around the same time, the 37-year-old also posted a photo with him. A few weeks earlier, Shaeeda uploaded a photo of some gifts Bilal gave her, as an apology for her ‘joke’.

As of now, it is impossible to know if the couple is really happy. However, according to sources, they appear to remain an item.

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