“Arab geniuses” .. an initiative that brings the minds of immigrants back to their countries

Dubai: Mohamed Ibrahim

The announcement by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai, of the “Arab Geniuses” initiative, which is a new civilized path that seeks Arab geniuses in “Physics, Mathematics, Science and Research Programming” was interacted with. A large number of education leaders and the education community in all its categories across the Emirates.

They said the initiative brings together convoys of immigrant Arab spirits again and is a serious step towards building a new generation of scientists in scientific disciplines that the future focuses on in various fields, through the original creators of Arab civilization, highlighting the infinite support of His Highness, the Vice-President of the State, to revive the Arab civilization by taking it back, and by rewriting its history with exceptional initiatives and unrelenting perspectives. precedent, at the Arab and international levels.

“Al-Khaleej” is monitoring part of the interaction of the education field, and the extent of the impact of the “Arab Brilliant Ones” project, for which 100 million dirhams have been allocated, on the companies of the science and knowledge, both locally and in the Arab world.

The start was with Hussain bin Ibrahim Al Hammadi, Minister of Education, who stressed that improving, developing and distinguishing our reality, knowledge, science and civilization has become the main concern of the Emirates. Arab nations, not only at the local level, but also at the Arab level, and it follows from demands dictated by the need to build and empower the human being, as a cornerstone of any desired renaissance, and this is what wise leadership places at the heart of its absolute interests and priorities, to follow up the compassionate, humanitarian, knowledge, scientific and cultural initiatives of the UAE, to travel to all regions of our Arab world and reach out to every individual aspiring to success and uniqueness.

He said that the Arab civilizational project, represented in the research of the thousand Arab geniuses, in the fields of physics, mathematics, programming sciences, research and economics, and others, launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, reaffirms that the compass is pointing in the right direction, and that man is above all the center of Attention, the foundation of construction, and in this context, we must enable people to acquire advanced sciences and invest in them, feeling the importance of the stage, which has become a well-established reality thanks to the vision of leadership and its pulse that touches the concerns of youth and the demands of the leadership of our country for the future.

He pointed out that the initiative is pioneering and distinct, in content and purpose, as it focuses on achieving unique results in scientific fields in the future, as it assigns a basic category on which one can count for the advancement of nations, namely the scientists and geniuses who lead innovation, research, development and creativity, and shape the characteristics of the future.

Jamila bint Salem Musabih Al Muhairi, Minister of State for Public Education and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the UAE Foundation for School Education, confirmed that the Arab genius initiative, launched by His Highness the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, is presented as a continuation of his vision of the resumption of the civilized movement in our Arab region, which His Highness seeks through A unique set of initiatives to consolidate it and make it a tangible reality visible for generations current and future, to be a major component of the leadership of the Arab world and true contributors to the achievement of civilizational achievements at the level of all humanity. She indicated that the support of wise leaders to the category of young people continues, locally and in the Arab world, in order to create an atmosphere conducive to their rebirth, and to equip them with tools for their distinction and uniqueness, which proves the greatness of the UAE’s message, its advancement and the transmission of the message of an entire nation, and bring it into the ranks of advanced nations, intellectually, civilly, scientifically and culturally. In the vision of a university that builds on what has been achieved in the past, and looks to the future, confident in the ability of future generations to form teams and achieve the hopes and successes expected.

reading needs

For her part, Fawzia Ghareeb, Assistant Undersecretary for the School Operations Sector, confirmed that “Arab Geniuses” is a unique initiative that reads the future needs of the Arab world with precision and methodology, explaining that this new cultural and knowledge is a leap that leads to future development with the help of talents, as well as upgrading a generation of scientists, deeply seeking the original creators of civilization to secure the lives of future and future generations .

He believes that Arab societies are entering a new stage in the history of civilization, according to a systematic roadmap, based on modern sciences and disciplines that simulate in their content important strategic areas and sectors, clearly embodying the needs of the world. ‘future, to achieve a high-quality product of scientists in important disciplines, in accordance with the Nationality vision to keep pace with urbanization and progress in all fields. She stressed that the initiative positively reflects the process of building generations, as it is based on the adoption of future skills in these disciplines, with the help of the original creators of civilization, without frills, which will allow peoples Arab societies of the capacities and capacities of future sciences.

Capacities and energies

Dr Noureddin Atatreh, Deputy Director of Al Ain University, believes that the scientific, intellectual, cultural, economic and development establishment made by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, which we attend daily in Dubai and in the United Arab Emirates, is one of the chapters in the recovery of Arab civilization. .

He added that convoys of Arab spirits used to migrate from their home countries, heading north and west, and today, thanks to the vision of wise leadership, seeking to stop this bleeding and to invest in unique and exceptional abilities, energies and talents, in a keen vision that seeks to preserve the creative Arab minds and make the best use of their potentials. .

Prof. Abdul Latif Al Shamsi, Director of Higher Colleges of Technology, pointed out that the UAE is an incubator for creative Arab minds and a pioneer in providing initiatives that highlight the distinction of the Arab person and reaffirm the status of Arab civilization and its impact on human civilization.

He said that the “Arab Brilliant” initiative, launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, embodies his concern to take care of Arab geniuses, to help build a better future for their country and for future Arab generations.

Dr Mansour Al-Awar, president of Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University, confirmed that the “Arab Brilliant” project serves as a roadmap to recapture the civilized role of the Arab world by enriching human heritage and shaping the characteristics of the future. It is not surprising that this unique Arab civilizational project was launched by an exceptional leader who believes that “restoring spirits” is not an achievement in itself, as much as it is a major indicator of development. , believing that “where great minds go, great things will happen tomorrow.” And now the Arab world is preparing for the launch of the largest scientific, research and intellectual movement of its kind, with the allocation of 100 million dirhams to support 1,000 Arab women in the next five years through the Museum. from the future.

new page

As for Salah Al Hosani, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Teachers Association, he believes that the initiative of the Arab geniuses, by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, is a new page in the history of the Arab civilization, as it focuses on collecting the geniuses and original scientists of this ancient civilization, explaining that the disciplines of “physical programming, chemistry and biology and mathematics” on which the initiative focused are very important , because they simulate the future, its characteristics and its needs.

He explained that the initiative opens new horizons for teachers of these disciplines and traces their modern roles in the construction and preparation of generations according to these developments, not only at the local level, but also at the level of the Arab world in his outfit.

new journey

The educator, Walid Fouad Lafi, underlined that the initiatives of His Highness, Vice-President of the State, may God protect him, concerning the Arab civilization and the advancement and recovery of it in our various Arab societies , touch on reality and real needs, and focus on reclaiming its strength and position among the countries of the world. He said the initiative is a new journey to explore the spirits that made Arab civilization, to be an effective core that benefits generations and effectively contributes to the formation of a new stage in the history of Arab civilization. , to simulate with its content and objectives the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, artificial intelligence and subsequent technological developments in all fields.


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