Apple won’t be embarking on a metaverse-type experience with its next VR headset anytime soon / digital information world

Apple has explicitly ruled out any plans the company has to incorporate a Metaverse-like world into its upcoming AR / VR headset.

The metaverse is a concept that has made waves in the tech world for a number of reasons, with its massive scale and technological appeal being a hot topic of discussion in forums as well as in boardrooms. Honestly, the concept isn’t exactly new, but it’s its scope and projected size that seems to be getting the most attention. The Metaverse, for those who don’t know, is social media giant Meta’s attempt to create a social media platform that doubles as a VR world, full of games as well as multiple ways users can interact. Think MMORPGs, but without the grinding and full of side quests. Further details on the project have been rather reluctant, as it’s still in development, but we expect to see the Metaverse roll out sometime this year. Immediately, readers may wonder why Meta is taking on such a project and why it is generating such hype. After all, VR chat rooms and multiplayer games aren’t exactly a whole new concept; in fact, they have been around for years. However, with Meta owning Oculus, he’s poised to deliver an experience that will be memorable in one form or another (i.e., amazingly successful, or a colossal flop).

With all of this attention directed towards the metaverse, questions arise as to how other VR headset developers and tech companies can consider developing their own versions of the social media concept. In general, AR and VR technology has seen a huge boom in recent years, thanks in large part to platforms like Snapchat making the commercial versions of the technology accessible to everyone. So naturally everyone assumes everyone would want a slice of the pie. However, this does not really seem to be the case in all areas; at least not when it comes to mega-incorporation and tech giant Apple. The iPhone developer has made it clear that the Metaverse is a concept he currently has no interest in trying his hand at.

Apple has been working hard to develop its own mixed reality headset, which has led to questions as to whether or not it will develop such a massive social media world. The answer, revealed via a recent Bloomberg newsletter, is categorically no. The company currently intends to create more personal experiences, with content viewing and games being the primary focus, complemented by limited amounts of social communication. Apple isn’t the kind of company to go chasing after trends and trains, of course; why run after a moving train when you make your own every two months or so?

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