AP PHOTOS: Hope among some surviving flowers in Ukrainian city

Anna Shevchenko waters the few flowers that survived outside her destroyed house in the Ukrainian town of Irpin, outside kyiv. The house, built by the 35-year-old woman’s grandparents, was leveled during Russian bombing in late March.

But this week, in her beloved flower bed, some surviving roses, lilies, peonies and daffodils gave her hope. “It is a new life. So I tried to save my flowers,” he said.

The house was left a pile of splintered wood, a closet full of dust-covered clothing and family debris visible amid the destruction. Within a day, the family lost their home and Shevchenko’s father lost his leg in an explosion as he tried to flee Irpin.

Shevchenko’s flowers were among the signs of Ukrainian resilience and resistance during a week of devastating war deaths and losses. In Irpin alone, block after block of houses were destroyed.

In Zaporizhzhia, Vera Velakanova and Lyudmila Vondarenko were among the many residents who gathered at cemeteries on Sunday, the day Ukrainians commemorate the day of the dead. The women had lunch at a table among the tombstones in the Kapustyanyy cemetery.

Sunday was also the day that some 100 women, children and the elderly were the first to be evacuated from a steel plant in the strategic port of Mariupol, where they had been under Russian bombardment for weeks along with some 2,000 Ukrainian soldiers in the tunnels. under the Azovstal Steelworks. They arrived in Zaporizhzhia a day later.

The week was also marked by terrifying images that offered a rare glimpse into the death and atrocities of war. In Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city, which has been under sustained Russian attack since the start of the war in late February, bodies were everywhere.

Among them was the charred corpse of an unidentifiable man leaning against an anti-tank barrier made of crossed I-beams on the outskirts of the city, which has been under the control of both sides in recent days.

Elsewhere, the body of another man lay face down in an apartment as Russian shelling continued on a village recently recaptured by Ukrainian forces near Kharkiv.


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