Another Chinese city detects Omicron case as Tianjin outbreak expands

Across China, several cities have ordered quarantine for anyone who has recently visited Tianjin or Anyang.

Many cities, including Beijing, encourage people to stay put during the Chinese New Year holidays, usually the busiest time of year for travel.

Citing the risk posed by Omicron and the need to ensure the security of the Olympics, the Beijing city government also encouraged commuters in satellite cities to work from home in a statement released Thursday.

In total, mainland China reported 124 symptomatic locally transmitted cases on Wednesday, up from 166 a day earlier. A few other cities in Henan, the northwestern city of Xian and southern Shenzhen also reported new cases for Jan.12.

As of January 12, mainland China had 104,379 confirmed cases, including local cases and people arriving from abroad, since the pandemic first erupted more than two years ago.

There were no new deaths, leaving the death toll at 4,636.


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