An imminent agreement on the Iranian nuclear file

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European Union Foreign Minister Josep Borrell has revealed that the mood in the Vienna talks has improved, expecting to reach an Iranian nuclear deal soon..

He said the atmosphere for negotiations had become “better” than it was before Christmas, pointing to the “possibility” of reaching an agreement in Vienna..

“The mood is better after Christmas, before Christmas I was very pessimistic, today I think there is a possibility of reaching an agreement,” Borrell said after a meeting of ministers of foreign affairs. Foreign Affairs of the 27 Member States of the European Union.

Earlier, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken gave Iran a choice between saving the nuclear deal or “other options” that his country could resort to..

In press releases, Blinken warned that there were only “weeks” left to salvage the Iran nuclear deal, stressing that his country was “ready” to resort to “other options” if the negotiations in courses in Vienna to relaunch this agreement were failing..

“I think we have a few weeks to see if we can get back to mutual respect” for the terms of the agreement the United States withdrew from in 2018, Blinken said in an interview with US public radio NPR..

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