An American airline is strategically reducing the number of flights this summer. For what is this?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) Delta Air Lines announced Thursday that it will cut 100 flights from its schedule this summer, to “reduce disruption and grow quickly when faced with challenges.”

Noting growing demand and the challenges of “rebuilding Delta’s overall operations,” the airline announced a reduction in daily flights between July 1 and August 7, primarily impacting the US and Latin American markets. Latin.

Delta said it will continue to adjust its schedule in the coming weeks.

“More than ever, factors such as weather, air traffic control, vendor recruitment and rising COVID-19 infection rates are impacting our operations and contributing more to irregular absences than planned,” Alison said. Azand, the company’s director of customer experience. it’s a statement. scheduled into some workgroups, and this results in a process that can’t always meet the standards that Delta has set for the industry in recent years.”

Delta is not the first airline to reduce its daylight saving time due to operational problems.

JetBlue Airways announced In April it will reduce the number of flights of its summer time, By 8-10%, due to “current challenges in the industry.” and lowered Alaska Airlines It is scheduled to be around 2% through June to equalize “testing capacity.”

On Thursday, Delta canceled scheduled flights to the southern and northeastern United States over Memorial Day weekend, and a federal holiday in the United States observed last Monday, beginning May 26-28, due to to severe weather forecasts in these areas. .

Fare difference will be waived when booked travel takes place on or before May 31.

Delta’s announcement comes as 3 million Americans are expected to fly over the Memorial Day holiday, according to estimates by the American Aviation Association.

This number increased by 25% compared to last year, and is almost the number of air passengers in 2019, during the holiday period.

In all, the American Aviation Association expects 39.2 million people to fly 50 miles or more away from home during the holidays.

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