Amr Adib reveals names of people accused of corruption to Egyptian Ministry of Health

Egyptian journalist Omar Adib published the names of the defendants in the case known to the media as the corruption of the Ministry of Health, and their names were: Ibrahim Al-Fayoumi, Al-Fayoumi Hospital, Hossam El- Din Abdullah Fouda in the pension, director general of the general administration of licenses in free processing, Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Behairy.

Amr Adib announced, during his program “The Story”, the names of the defendants in the corruption case of the Ministry of Health, a number of officials facing charges in court in cases of corruption, saying: I said I wanted the Minister of Health to have a connection with this incident.

During his broadcast, Adeeb listed the names of the accused in the incident: Muhammad Al-Ashhab, a senior specialist at the Misr Life Insurance Company (incarcerated), the second owner, Mr. Attia Ibrahim al-Fayoumi (incarcerated) and the third officer, Hossam El-Din Fouda, who is retired and holds the post of director general of licenses for free treatment (incarcerated) and the fourth, Muhammad Ahmad Muhammad Buhairi (incarcerated).

The story host added: The names do not contain the name of the minister or his son, and everyone should take their right. A woman with clean hands was working hard for Egypt.

The public prosecutor had ordered the return of four defendants to a criminal trial; The first of them was accused of ordering five million pounds for himself and taking six hundred thousand pounds in bribes from the owners of a private hospital through two others. accused in exchange for having used his influence to obtain officials from the Ministry of Health. decisions and advantages linked to the non-execution of the decision to close the hospital for its management without authorization, and to the preparation of a false report which proves – contrary to the truth – the absence of any irregularity in it , and the fourth accused was charged with committing this forgery. From “Cairo 24”

The prosecution established evidence in the trial from the statements of thirteen witnesses, including the owners of the hospital who informed the administrative review authority of the corruption incident at their request, and Saira bribed with the authorization of the prosecution until his arrest, as well as the statements of the two defendants who mediated in the corruption, and the examination of the cell phones seized of the defendant and of what was proven. falsified, and bank documents proving the fact that the amount of bribery was presented, in addition to what is supported by the testimony and hearing of the prosecution meeting and the conversations which authorized its recording.

And security services arrested suspects – before the minister was granted sick leave – of a number of health ministry officials amid accusing him of obtaining and receiving bribes. – wine in the amount of £ 600,000 for themselves and others, from one of the owners of private hospitals in exchange for the use of influence to obtain decisions and benefits from Ministry of Health officials. Especially for the hospital.

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