ACT firefighters confused by COVID advice | Canberra weather

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A text message to ACT firefighters saying staff on COVID isolation leave could be called back to work could have been an “administrative error,” Police and Emergency Services Minister Mick Gentleman said on Thursday. A message from ACT Fire & Rescue sent on December 29 reads: “Any member on Covid isolation leave may be called back to their shift at any time for emergency operational needs. [sic] even if a negative test result has not yet been received. United Firefighters Union of Australia ACT secretary Greg McConville said the message worried members, who did not want to put their colleagues at risk. “Our members saw that when they came to work. when you’re sick you just do that, “said Mr McConville.” So if you wait for a test result, our members were worried about putting their colleagues at risk. “Minister of Police and Human Services ’emergency “I think it was an administrative error, but we will make sure it does not happen again,” said Mick Gentleman. Mr McConville said he had contacted the CEO to confirm “that the arrangements in place prior to sending text messages will remain in place and that will be communicated to staff “. cal, updated news to the community. Here is how you can continue to access our trusted content:


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