ABC’s new comedy ‘Abbott Elementary’ hopes to make TV honor roll with life lessons and laughter

Show biz veterans Sheryl Lee Ralph and Lisa Ann Walter bring their talents to ABC’s new sitcom, “Abbott Elementary.”

They play longtime teachers at an understaffed and underfunded Philadelphia public school.

The two characters know how to handle business in a very different way.

“Isn’t it wonderful how we are able to bring up very important topics, at the same time, make you think and then make you laugh?” Ralph said. “People are going to learn so much that they weren’t open to before by watching this show.”

Both actresses had parents who were teachers. Walter’s character is a smart teacher with interesting friends.

“It could be people from my family,” Walter said. “From hoop earrings to the cupboard full of booty. I mean, these are people who just know how to get stuff. You need the stuff, I got the stuff! Some at home and bring you dumplings. of meat. “

“Abbott Elementary” was created by star Quinta Brunson. Ralph plays a character based on Brunson’s own mother.

“It’s so wonderful, right now, to see a show where the teachers aren’t the butt of the joke, but they are the heart of the show,” said Ralph, “Teachers across the country, and us can’t do enough, deserve more. More respect, more support, more money! “

Walter loved being able to tell the stories you will see since his first day on the job.

“On that show, from day one, I was like, ‘These are people that I wouldn’t mind spending the next 10 years with,’ she said. already felt so comfortable in a casting. It really feels like home. “

“Abbott Elementary” airs Tuesday evenings at 9 p.m. ET.

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