A South Korean fighter returns from the front in Ukraine… and his country’s authorities are after him

Seoul – Reuters
A South Korean fighter returned home on Friday after volunteering to fight in Ukraine, saying he had to return to recover from his injuries and was ready to face a police investigation on suspicion of breaking the law by defying a South Korean travel ban. government.
Volunteers from all over the world flocked to Ukraine to help it fight Russian forces. Ri Kyun, a former member of the South Korean Navy, also known as Ken Ri, returned to his country and the media broadcast his return live.
“I never left the battlefield, but I came to recover from my injuries,” Ri said at the airport. I want to go back… because the war is not over, there is still a lot to do”. Ray added that he has a cruciate ligament injury in his legs, although he can walk.
He indicated that a dozen policemen were waiting for him and asked that he be quarantined for a week as a precautionary measure for fear of contracting the “Covid-19” epidemic, and that they would then summon him for questioning. “I will cooperate in the investigation,” he said.
Ri posted photos and videos of her experience in Ukraine on social media.
The Foreign Ministry in Seoul filed a police complaint against him in mid-March, shortly after he traveled to Ukraine, for violating a passport law.
South Korea banned its citizens from traveling to Ukraine in February for security reasons. Under the law, those who defy the ban can be jailed for up to a year or fined 10 million won ($8,000). Ray said Ukraine had offered him citizenship, but he refused. “I don’t think it’s right to accept citizenship to avoid paying a fine or a lawsuit,” he added.

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