A disappointing statement about Corona .. a new wave every 4 months!

Amid global confusion with the growing record of new Corona virus infections in different countries, the World Health Organization has signaled that we may see a new wave of epidemics every 4 months, expert says worldwide of this disease.

In response to a question about the possibility of an increase in the coronavirus two or three times a year, Dr David Nabarro, WHO special envoy on the coronavirus, said that the way this virus is activated is that it accumulates and then increases considerably. , then decreases again, then increases again every three or four months.

Respect the virus.

He added that life and the economy’s return to work is possible in many countries, but there is a need to respect the virus, and that means there are some very good plans to deal with sudden surges.

He also stressed that the virus will be a very difficult situation for at least the next three months, but he clarified that “we could see the end on the horizon”.

Boost potions and more injuries

It should be noted that, coinciding with the increase in cases of Covid-19, which is attributed to the Omicron strain, some countries have found themselves forced to consider giving another booster dose, although the evidence indicates that the question is difficult.

The Covid outbreak is reported to have killed more than 5,483,023 people worldwide. The United States is the most affected country, with 837,264 deaths, followed by Brazil (619,937), India (483,790) and Russia (316,163).

The World Health Organization estimates that the outcome of the epidemic could be two to three times greater than that officially recorded.

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