7 smart apps to buy and slaughter slaughter and deliver it to home in Dubai

The Dubai Municipality reported that it provided the sacrificial service through 7 smart apps, which allow the sacrifice to purchase and slaughter the sacrifice and deliver it to households, as part of its preparation plan for the blessed Eid Al-Adha.

The municipality explained that its slaughterhouses have reinforced their preparations to receive the holy Eid al-Adha, by providing orders, purchases, preparation of cattle and home delivery through smart applications, without the need to go to the slaughterhouse, as part of their efforts. to ensure that its services are provided in accordance with the highest quality standards, and its desire to meet the needs of customers in a fluid, flexible and fast manner, to achieve its vision of being a leading municipality for a global city, providing the highest levels of well-being, health and safety for members of society.

Approved smart apps for soliciting sacrifices include the “Livestock Request”, “Turkish for Sacrifices”, “Al-Farij Youth for Sacrifices”, “Dar Sacrifices”, “Al-Anoud for Sacrifices”, “Emirate Sacrifices ” and “Tender Butchery”, whose goal is to make customers happy through the provision of high quality services that save time and effort.

The municipality indicated the importance of the community members’ commitment to slaughter in the slaughterhouses it supervises, to use state-of-the-art tools, equipment and equipment that are operated in accordance with internationally approved sanitary conditions and standards, and that contribute to maintaining the health and safety of people and their families, since slaughterhouses are prepared and prepared in a clean and healthy environment, and detection The veterinarian must apply to carcasses before and after slaughter, to ensure their safety and suitability for human consumption .

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