$ 37,000 Covid Fine You Should Know

With the rapid spread of Omicron, many countries around the world are tightening their rules for both locals and tourists.

Early results suggest that Omicron is more transmissible and governments are starting to impose vaccinations and impose higher fines in an attempt to curb the disease.


As the country entered its fourth confinement at the end of 2021, Austria will become the first European country to make vaccinations against Covid compulsory. The ruling is expected to take effect on February 1 and result in a fine of € 3,600 ($ 5,686) every three months for Austrians (aged 14 and over) who do not get bitten. About 68% of the Austrian population is fully vaccinated – one of the lowest rates in Western Europe.

United Arab Emirates

Those in Dubai could face a heavy fine. Image: Getty

Failure to wear a mask in public, whether indoors or outdoors, results in a fine of $ 1,100 and you can pay $ 3,700 for leaving isolation after testing positive for Covid. Spreading rumors or false information about the pandemic and vaccinations can result in a fine of $ 37,000 or more. Those who don’t care about the pandemic rules and fictitious measures in place will face even bigger fines and potentially jail time.


Interestingly, the money from the fines in Greece will go to the Greek health care system.  Image: Getty

Interestingly, the money from the fines in Greece will go to the Greek health care system. Image: Getty

Greece is the first European country to make vaccinations compulsory by age group. This is the case for people aged 60 and over with a monthly fine of € 100 ($ 150) for those who refuse. The money will go to the Greek health system to help with an increase in hospital admissions. Unvaccinated 60-year-olds have until January 16 to reserve their first dose before incurring a fine.


Singaporeans who are not vaccinated by choice and contract Covid will have to pay their own medical bills. The local government has covered Covid’s medical bills throughout the pandemic and says the country’s health system is strained by unvaccinated patients.

As the Chinese New Year approaches, the government has implemented a social gathering rule of 5 people in a public place or five guests per day. A separate gathering cap applies and unvaccinated people should take a PCR test before visiting another household. Failure to follow these rules incurs $ 300 and repeat offenders will have to spit more.


As Omicron spreads to its islands, the Fijian Minister of Commerce and Tourism has imposed fines on those who do not follow health protocols. If you forget to wear your mask in a mandatory setting, you will have to face $ 160. Not doing a temperature control will also cost $ 160 for the individual and $ 650 for the business.

Make sure you follow the mask rules when visiting Fiji.  Image: Supplied

Make sure you follow the mask rules when visiting Fiji. Image: Supplied


Travelers from a selected list of countries can enter Spain without proof of vaccination or recent negative Covid test – Australia is one along with New Zealand, Canada, Hong Kong, Argentina, Qatar and Peru. The list is updated weekly and subject to change. Fully vaccinated travelers from anywhere in the world can enter Spain without testing negative for Covid for their “risk” list. The country has a “high risk” list with a total ban on visitors from these countries.


As of January 10, Taiwan has implemented a rule specifically for long-haul flights (technically a 6-12 flight). Travelers visiting Taiwan on flights from Europe, the United States, the Middle East, New Zealand and Australia will need to take a PCR test once they land and wait to receive a result which should take 40 minutes. Once a negative result is produced, visitors will go through immigration and collect their luggage. Those who test positive will be transported to hospital by ambulance.

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