3 days before the African Nations .. a new Tunisian star was infected with Corona

Exceptionally, Cristiano Ronaldo’s agent was forced to speak publicly about the Portuguese star’s “happiness” at Manchester United, which one Spanish newspaper considered a disturbing statement.

“Marca” said Jorge Mendes’ statement comes at a time when the Red Devils squad has grown inconsistent and the finger is pointed at Ronaldo.

“Cristiano Ronaldo is very happy at Manchester United,” Mendes said in an interview with Sky Sport Italia.

The newspaper specifies that it did not happen that Ronaldo was the target of criticism, as it is now.

While playing for Real Madrid, the royal team have had bad times, but no one has dared to blame Ronaldo, according to the newspaper.

Mendes has not spoken publicly unless there is a new contract being discussed or in an attempt to force clubs to improve Ronaldo’s conditions, the newspaper said, and “Marca” adds that Mendes’ speech now may mean he’s trying to stop United from selling Ronaldo.

According to the newspaper, neither club wants to pay Ronaldo’s big salary and being at United keeps the Portuguese in the spotlight.

And on Monday, Wolverhampton surprised host Manchester United and let him go at Old Trafford with a clean goal for the first time in 42 years, at the end of the twenty-first stop in the English Football League.

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