3 children hit by vehicle outside Santa Ana school; ‘Incendiary devices’ found

The police foundincendiary devices” in a vehicle that struck three children outside a Santa Ana elementary school Monday morning, authorities said.

The vehicle entered a sidewalk near Taft Elementary School and hit the three children around 8:30 a.m., according to the Santa Ana Police Department.

The children were taken to a hospital, where they are in stable condition.

Responding officers found the driver with what appeared to be a self-inflicted stab wound, Sgt. Maria Lopez told KTLA.

Then, while searching the vehicle that hit the children, police found a “suspicious incendiary device” inside, police said.

An Orange County bomb squad was called to the scene, leading to the discovery of three more incendiary devices in the vehicle, according to authorities.

Investigators later discovered that the suspect had trespassed at Taft Elementary School just before the collision and was escorted off campus, Santa Ana police said.

Witness Isaias Vazquez told KTLA that he lives near the crash site and was one of the people who ran to the children’s aid after the crash.

“I see the children on the ground, one is in the middle of the street lying motionless”, Vazquez said. “As I go to attend to them, the parents are… just distraught, screaming, and I see an individual walking towards us with a knife in his hand, so I immediately called the police.”

Vazquez said the driver then turned around and walked away toward the car.

Authorities have not confirmed whether the driver had a knife.

Lopez said police are still investigating what the driver’s intent was and if he had any connection to the school.

Authorities did not provide further details about the suspect and it is unclear what type of incendiary device was allegedly in the vehicle.

Police said the campus was cleared and classes in Taft Elementary resumed as scheduled.

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