15th Annual iPhone Photography Awards Now Accepting Nominations

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The iPhone Photography Awards are now officially accepting entries for the 15th Annual Content Edition, with a submission deadline of March 2022.

Entries for the 15th IPPAWARDS can now be submitted via the band’s website. Any photo can be submitted for content as long as it was taken on an iPhone or iPad and has not been digitally altered by desktop processing programs like Photoshop.

The group also notes that iPhone lenses can be used to take photos. There are no restrictions on the apps that can be used to take images. In some cases, it may ask for the original photo to verify that it was taken on an iOS device.

Interested photographers must pay an entry fee which starts at $5.50 for a single image. There are discounts for multiple images and no limit on the number of photos one can submit.

Photo content winners will receive various prizes, including gold or platinum bars of “the world’s most recognizable private gold currency”. The first three winners will receive a prize which has not yet been announced.

The submission deadline for the iPhone Photography Awards 2022 is March 31, 2022. Winners are usually announced later in the year – in 2021 content was called in July.


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